Trust God & See the Miracle

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September 29, 2015
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Trust God & See the Miracle

Our life is all about relationships. But it is said that the big difference between our relationship with the almighty and other people is that we’ve never witnessed God. We all experience Him, feel His existence at times and might see Him move supernaturally amongst our relationships; however we have never actually seen Him face-to-face – in the flesh. This is when faith comes into play. Faith is about trusting in a little something (or someone) you haven’t observed with your eyes.

Consequently, it is our human relationships that paint in our open gaps about our views of God. Our human relationships inform our connection with God at times because it is exactly what we can see. Occasionally these relationships can turn out to be the lens by which we view and get connected to and link with God.

So if someone you adore or trust betrays you, you’ll probably view God with the same uncertainty and lack of trust. We find this all the time with kids. The way the authority figures in a child’s life have treated them will state their understanding of God as they grow up. Human beings are on one level so simple, but paradoxically absolutely difficult.

Have a look at your daily life. How would you explain it? Satisfied? Hurried? Enjoyable? Demanding? Advancing? For many it’s all of the above occasionally. There are points we dream of doing one day, there are issues we wish we could forget about. In the Holy bible, it states that Jesus came to make everything new. What would your daily life look like if you could begin again with a clean slate?

If you are searching for peace, there is an approach to harmony your life. It’s impossible to be perfect, or have a perfect life. But everyone has the opportunity to encounter perfect grace through a personal connection with God by means of His Son, Jesus Christ.

You can receive the blessings of Christ right now by faith through prayer. Praying is just speaking with God. God knows your heart and isn’t as worried about what you are saying as He is with the mindset of your heart and soul.

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