Our Vision Mission & Values

At Life Fountain Church we aspire to be culturally relevant – characterized by Bible-based teaching and defined by authentic relationships with avowed dynamic family ministries.

Our Vision

To Know God ~ Discover Purpose ~ Experience Freedom ~ Make a Difference

Our Mission

To lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip them to find Freedom, Discover their Life Purpose and make a difference by serving others.

Core Values

  1. At Life Fountain Church, we acknowledge and highly value God’s manifest presence in our personal daily life, and corporately in church, through authentic, vibrant prayer, and worship.
  1. We commit to rightly divide the Word of Truth and to passionately spread the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and globally that will save and transform lives.
  1. At Life Fountain Church Family matters: We will be a church where the Children, the Youth, and Families are loved, supported, and cared for.
  1. We value Small Groups as central to building a Christ-like community where members are committed to loving, serving, and caring for each other.
  1. We seek to assist members discover their passion and giftedness and equip them to effectively accomplish the work of ministry.
  1. We seek to honor Christ and to maintain a high standard of excellence and quality in all our ministries and activities.
  1. At Life Fountain Church we value and celebrate diversity.