Are you New to this church or ministry? If so, YOU ARE AT A RIGHT PLACE at the right time. We are so excited that you have joined us:

We are ordinary people from different walks of life with different life experiences, culture, ethnicity, and status. Our Common Denominator is our Faith in The Son of God and His blessed assurance and our shared humanity. We are bold in what we believe and courageous in our Faith in The God who does the Supernatural beyond what we can ask or imagine.

To read more about our beliefs please visit Our Beliefs page. Also take time and discover the ministries within Life Fountain Church Int’l.

If you have specific or general Questions for the Pastor(s) and/or about the Church, please Contact us by Email, phone call, or mail.

We acknowledge that sincere and intelligent children of God may hold different doctrinal (non-essential) views. As children of God we are dedicated to cultivate and nurture our unity as a family of God and to Love one another as Christ commanded us (John 13:34-35).