Dedicating life to spirituality and global transfiguration at Christian church Irvine

Dedicating life to spirituality at Christian church Irvine
October 21, 2015
Get To Feel the Almighty in A Closer Way
November 16, 2015
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Dedicating life to spirituality and global transfiguration at Christian church Irvine

Dedicating life to serve in a community this is one of the divine motto of the Christian churches in Irvine Ca. here all devote their life to help people. A kind of community that is spirit filled, diversified, vibrant, power packed and a non- denominational. Devotees here are dedicating their life to a form of local and global transfiguration. Their predisposition has been creating a proper environment for people for experiencing the presence and power of almighty. This power of god will help them transform their lives for eternity completely exciting to discover the presence of the divine soul and understanding the purpose of life.

Creating divine environment:-

The divine and serine feature is created with the sound bible teaching, vibrant music and the exciting community. One can discover the power of healing, restoration and develop a faith on all mighty. This is a place of love and one can sort out their life problems easily.

What they serve for:-

Every factor that heals life problem is important for this missionary. They believe to spread love, hope and power in the community as well as in the world.  As a group of vibrant, diversified and compassionate churches establishing relationship with Christ. This is what will equip a faith that works and empowers them to glorify god and serve others.

They have won humanity with their values that are like:-

  • Faith on god and his verdicts.
  • Trust on god and spirituality.
  • Proclaiming biblical truth and out of season.
  • Stride with love
  • Service to community with sincerity and dignity
  • Glorifying god in all things.

Spreading spirituality:-

This step has been taken by the leader of the ministry, Bishop Collins M.Wangila. He has been empowering the Christendom to heal the pain of sufferers. One can go through his preaching’s on and understand what is life all about. He has dedicated his life to his Christian church Irvine and has been serving humanity since 25 years.

With his words, he has successfully served people. Aiming to wipe out problems across the globe has made him leader to Christianity. As a team to offer solutions and transformation of the world to better position has been his biggest achievement.

For a better solution, nothing is efficient than charity. They welcome donations, gifts and other financial helps. This is what will affect the lives of thousands of people in a better manner.